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Doggie Bed & Breakfast


B&B for your pet too.


We are very definitely animal friendly!


We love welcoming dogs at Alton Albany Farm. We now have two very friendly dogs of our own,  Clover-Sausage (a very fine honey coloured long haired pedigree Dachshund princess) and her daughter Tansy-Buttons.


We can allow one pet dog per guest room. We do however ask that your pet is never left alone in your bedroom, as dogs can get extremely anxious if left in unfamiliar surroundings.


At the house entrance, there is always a basket of fresh towels by our front door, toys and also a jar of tasty dog treats.


The Farmhouse sits in a foot print of 2 acres with an adjoining 4 acre riverside field and woodland walk so there is plenty of room to roam close by. Please note that dogs should be on the lead at all times within the gardens due to our free range chickens. Further afield, there are plenty of farm tracks and signposted trails around the village to explore. Do be a responsible dog owner and pick up your dogs dirt - bags can be disposed of here at the farm, just let us know. thank you.


Please remember to bring your own food and bedding for your canine pal as we are not able to supply these items.


Please also note that we cannot take any responsibility for the care of your animal whilst on our property and we reserve the right to refuse or terminate an offer of accommodation including pets if our guidelines are not accepted or complied with.





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